Industrial & Auditorium

▶  St. Margaret’s Parish

St. Margaret Episcopal School
Oceanside, CA

 New Measure: LED Troffer Fixtures, LED Par38, LED A Lamps, LED Downlights

Est. Annual kWh Savings: 42,639 kWh
Est. ROI: 0.53 yr


“Our hands on approach throughout the process from initial contact to completion of installation was extremely reassuring. Your installation team was very courteous and respectful while working in a church. St. Margaret Parish will enjoy significant cost savings for many years to come thanks to your efforts. Your professionalism and attention to detail reflect greatly on Green energy Innovations. I would highly recommend Green energy Innovations to other organizations.” – Charles Navarrete, Business Manager | St. Margaret’s Parish

▶  Air Fayre

Air Fayre
Torrance, CA

Old Measure: 400W Metal Halidde, 400W HPS, 1000W HPS


New Measure: 100W LED Fixture, 100W LED Pole Mount Fixture, 110 LED Hi-Bay

Est. Annual kWh Savings: 141,837 kWh
Est. ROI: 0 yr

▶  Calvary Chapel Vista

Calvary Chapel Vista
Vista, CA

New Measure:
LED Troffer Fixtures
LED Par38
LED A Lamps

Est. Annual kWh Savings: 71,102 kWh
Est. ROI: 0.78 yr


“Green Energy Innovations lead their team in retrofitting our facility with new LED technology lighting. They were very courteous in their approach and knowledgeable of their product. The installation deadline was spot on. I would recommend this company.” – Steve Henschel, Pastor | Calvary Chapel Vista

▶  Bakery Factory

Bakery Factory
Hayward, CA

Est. Annual kWh Savings: 130,516 kWh
Est. ROI: 0.11 yr

▶  IT Factory

IT Factory
Hayward, CA

Est. Annual kWh Savings: 143,269 kWh
Est. ROI: 0.19 yr